Prayers and Praises: The Lord is Ever Faithful

We moved into our new office last week, so we didn’t quite get around to posting a Wednesday blog—it’s hard to sit down and write when all the desks and chairs are still being arranged—but we’re in our new office now, and all the furniture and files have been set up and organized.

Our new office is such a blessing!  As we sit in our new, larger space, we thank God for providing an office where all our staff have their own desks.  The Lord is blessing our growth as an agency, and we are so excited to see what He has in store for us next.

Although we’re mostly settled into the new place, we have several staff members sick, so there was no devotional this morning.  Instead, everyone who wasn’t sick gathered in the conference room this morning for a time of prayer and praise.  This afternoon, a few staff members also gathered with members from one of our partner churches—Mission Vineyard—for another time of prayer and praise.

As always, we ask that you all partner with us in prayer asking for the Lord’s will and blessings for us and all the families and children we serve.  Here are a few prayers and praises from today:


Praise for the new office and smooth move-in!  We are loving that everyone has their own desk and that there are even a few extra desks for future case managers.

Praise for 100% compliance from Licensing after home and office visits!

Praise for our 25th 4KIDS adoption!  Adoptions are always such a sweet and joyous times to celebrate the families that God has brought together and made whole.

We ask for prayer for all the 4KIDS staff members who are sick or still recovering from illness; that they would know peace and rest as they get back to 100%.

We pray that God would send us new case managers to help keep up with the growth in families we are experiencing.  We trust in the Lord’s provision, and know that He will fill our new space with more workers.

We ask for prayer for all our kids during the upcoming holiday season.  This time of year brings up memories of past holidays and time spent with family, so we ask the Lord that our kids in foster care know peace and comfort during this season when they may be missing their old homes more than usual.  We also ask that God bless our foster families with an extra measure of love and patience during this season.