Is God Enough?

Is God Enough?

The Sunday School answer is of course, yes.  We as Christians know that He should be, He has to be.  If He’s not enough for us then what are we doing wrong?  Are we not strong enough believers?  Do we not read the Bible enough, pray enough, witness enough?

We’ll get back to those questions in a minute. 

For our Wednesday devotional we read Ephesians 3:14-21, and focused especially on verses 16-17:

“My prayer is this: that He will lay out all the riches of His glory to give you strength and power, through His spirit, in your inner being; in your hearts, through faith; that love may be your root, your firm foundation…”

In these verses, Paul is telling the Ephesians that he prays for God to give them strength and power through the Holy Spirit, who dwells within them, and that through this strength they will be rooted in the love of God—a firm foundation.

This strength and firm foundation are gifts from God we can take advantage of today, they’re not just for the Ephesians.  We simply need to pray to God and ask to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to combat whatever is going on in our lives.  At 4KIDS, our staff and foster families always have something going on their lives.  A new child placement, an appeals case, or everyday family life.

Before verses 16-17, Paul writes these words:

“…I am kneeling down before the Father, the one who gives the name of ‘family’ to every family that there is, in heaven and on earth.”

Paul is telling the Ephesians—and us—that he is praying specifically for families.

At 4KIDS we focus on families—repairing broken families and creating new families if need be.  Neither task is easy—for our staff or foster family—because of all the emotions involved in human relationships.  But God has named every family, and He knows who will be a part of each family and when that family will be made.    

To answer the questions from the beginning, yes God is enough.  He’s all-knowing and all-powerful, so He is enough.  Because of our own imperfections we doubt Him and we doubt ourselves really being able to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit.  But that power is there, and it’s from the God who creates and strengthens families.

Whatever challenges arise in the process of placing a child all the way to adopting or reunifying them, God is the God who gives the name of family to every family there is.  He knows the who and when of each family, and through the Holy Spirit He gives us strength and a firm foundation to handle every challenge that arises.