Every Giant Will Fall

What are your giants?  The things that make you tremble in fear as you stand before them—no matter how many times you’ve overcome them before.  Maybe your giant is fear of failure or fear of rejection.  Maybe it’s something more tangible like the fear of losing a loved one or not making enough money to support your family.

We all can relate to having giants in our lives.  Some people may act like they have it together or say they have it together, but they’re not being honest with themselves.  Because of sin in the world everyone has a giant in their life, and usually people must fight more than one giant each day.

The thing is, God knows about our giants and He’s ready to go to bat for us.  Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath; a tiny boy with only a sling faces off against the largest, toughest soldier the opponent has to offer—and the tiny boy wins!  That victory was all God, not David.

Unlike David, most of us don’t fight our giants on a real battlefield.  Our fights happen in the car, at home, at work, or just the moment our feet hit the floor each morning.  For those of us who work in foster care or serve as foster parents, our battles are in the courtroom, on the phone, and in our homes.  As a foster parent or a case manager, walking into the courtroom is like walking onto a battlefield; your facing the giants of uncertainty, the appeals process, or frustration with the whole system.

Maybe today the battlefield is your home where your child is an emotional wreck because of the trauma they went through before they were placed with you; your giant is speaking well of your child’s bio parents even though you can’t believe what they’ve done.  Maybe the battlefield is your heart as you fight the giant of wanting to adopt when reunification is what’s best for your child.  Maybe you’re a case manager and your battlefield is the office where you must face the giants of never-ending paperwork, phones calls, and emails.

The Lord knows your giants.  He knows each and every situation, word, and action that you have to fight against every day, and He has provided you with weapons and strength to defeat your giants.  At 4KIDS, we believe prayer is one of the strongest weapons God has given us, and we pray daily for strength for ourselves and for all our families and kids.  Wednesday is a day we have set aside specifically for prayer and a devotional time, but we pray all the time here at 4KIDS, and we invite our families, church communities, business partners and supporters to pray for strength to fight the giants that rise up every day.


This blog post was inspired in part by Rend Collective's song Every Giant Will Fall