Persistence in Prayer: Lifting Up Our Families

Praying without ceasing, that’s how we strive to live at 4KIDS.  An appeals process is taking a long time; we pray.  A child is struggling in their new home; we pray.  Visits with the bio family cause mixed emotions in a child; we pray.  CPS is coming to a family’s home to do a random inspection; we pray.

These are just a few of the daily situations we give over to the Lord in prayer.  A lot goes into being a foster family and we know that without a strong support system the enemy can come in and spread lies and cause fear in our families.

Praying for the 4KIDS foster families—sincerely praying for them and letting them know that we cover them in prayer—is the most powerful weapon we have against the enemy.

This morning, our devotional was on the power and importance of prayer for our 4KIDS foster families.  As we’ve mentioned before, we pray a lot at 4KIDS, and we ask all our families, partners, and friends to join us in praying for all things.

In Ephesians 6:18 Paul tells believers to:

“Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion.  Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.”

We want to be and we strive to be persistent for our foster families.  We set aside a special time on Wednesday for a staff meeting to pray for our families, and we have many church partners who pray for our families during prayer meetings.  But we really want to be persistent in prayer with our families, and so when our case managers go out on home visits they pray for the family at their home.

The enemy seems to know some very specific lies to tell foster parents; lies to discourage and to cause fear.  We want to combat those lies and cover every single one of our families in prayer; we want to be persistent in our prayers for believers everywhere.

Families, you can always let us know if you have any specific prayer requests that we can pray for during our Wednesday time and throughout each week.  Talk to/call/text/email your case manager a prayer request and we will lift your family up in prayer.