Lord, Make Yourself Known

This morning, we gathered around the conference table and gave thanks for the families who continue to step forward and say yes to fostering and adopting.  We praised the Lord for providing safe, loving homes for children rescued from trauma, and we prayed fiercely that God would bring to light each and every fact in these children’s cases.  We asked the Lord to send families, case workers, lawyers, therapists, doctors, and judges who would advocate on behalf of these children who are unable to advocate for themselves.

These children have been abused, traumatized, and left with no one to protect them.  They face uncertainties about where they will live and who will take care of them.  They wrestle with trying to understand why their parents have given up on them and if they will ever be loved and protected.  These situations, these questions are not ones that anyone—especially a child—should ever have to live through or process.

Our heart breaks for these children and we strive every day to care for them and show them love and protection like they’ve never known before.  But on our own we can’t heal these children.  There is nothing we can do or say to fix what has happened to these children.  

We absolutely must lean on God to give us the strength and understanding to say the right words or take the right actions to help the children in our care.

This morning we specifically asked the Lord to make Himself known to all the children in our care.  We asked that these kids would know how much God loves them and how He desires a relationship with them.  That He is “Abba Father” who is never going to hurt them, never going to leave them.  We are humans and we make so many mistakes each and every day, but God doesn’t.  He can pour one hundred percent into these children one hundred percent of the time.

Every day, we pray for all the children in our care to have a personal relationship with the Lord, but this morning the Lord strongly laid this prayer on our hearts.  He can illuminate the darkness of a child’s trauma and wrap them in protection when people fail them.

We continue to pray for the Lord to work in lives of the children in our care, and for Him to continue to build up teams of families, churches, medical professionals, and legal representatives to advocate for these children.