An Invitation to Prayer

We have come into a season of being flooded with new willing families, staff members, and community/church partners.  This is a season of huge growth for us and we want to be good stewards of what God is clearly leading us into.  We believe that just as God has sent us more families, He will send us the aid we need to support our families and the children placed in their homes.  Our Heavenly Father is a provider who lavishes His provision on us—His children—He invites us to simply come as we are and ask for what we need.

So, what does this new season of growth mean for us?  It means that in 2018, we have been licensing an average of five homes a month with the potential for that number to increase.  This growth means that we are placing at least five children a month and that’s not counting our veteran foster family placements and sibling group placements.  Additionally, since June 2017 our staff has doubled in size to meet the quickly growing needs of our kids, foster families, and our partners.  As we have prayed and sought counsel from the Lord, He has affirmed to us time and again that He is blessing 4KIDS and the work we do in tremendous ways, but we are still blown away by the increased numbers and the beautiful stories of redemption that these numbers represent.

With this growth comes a new set of needs and another chance to see God provide for us in big ways.  With a sense of joyful expectancy, we are asking our Almighty Father to increase our financial support while also increasing our spiritual support base. We understand that the giving of financial support is another way of living in relationship with God—being filled with His generous heart and a spirit of obedience to the kingdom work that is taking place on Earth.  We are praying for donors who are modeling Christ’s ministry as He met both the immediate and spiritual needs of those that He ministered to.

This is our invitation to you to join us in asking our Heavenly Father to meet this growing need for Christ-minded donors.  We invite you to join us at the 4KIDS Office on Friday, March 23rd  any time between 10AM and 8PM to pray for these donors and to celebrate all that God has done and will continue to do in our lives, the lives of our foster families, and above all in the lives of the children He has placed in our care.