Wednesday Devotional: "With Thanksgiving, Present Your Requests to God"

We hope that everyone had a wonderful long weekend with their families and that many happy memories were made!  Here at 4KIDS we also had a long weekend, which ultimately means playing lots of catch up for the rest of the week, so we did not all come together for a devotional this morning.  But just because we didn’t all sit around the conference room table this morning doesn’t mean that prayer stopped happening. 

Today, a few members of the 4KIDS team had the opportunity to attend a prayer meeting with members of Mission Vineyard Church, one of our many church partners.  It was just a small group of people sitting in a circle in the living room of a church member, but what a powerful time of prayer and intercession! 

Our time started with us thanking the Lord for all that He has provided to His children and His church.  We praised God for His power and knowledge of all situations, and thanked Him for how He uses His power to move through us on a daily basis.  The group continued by praying for specific needs for Mission Vineyard Church and asking that the Lord bring more people their way who are actively seeking Him.  The group thanked God for all the ways He had shown Himself through the people who serve at Mission Vineyard.

After a time of prayer for the church, the group moved into a time of intentional prayer for 4KIDS as an organization and for all the 4KIDS foster families and children in care.  Specifically, the group prayed over the rapid expansion of 4KIDS and asked that the Lord send additional case managers with hearts open to loving and serving, but also with hearts open to receiving love from the 4KIDS team.  The growth of 4KIDS means more foster families, more children in care, and more case managers.  Although we don’t know God’s timing, we thanked the Him for what we know He will provide.

As Hurricane Irma approaches, the group felt led to pray for our parent organization in Florida, 4KIDS of South Florida.  We affirmed the Lord’s power, knowing that all it would take to move the hurricane would be a single breath from God.  We prayed fervently that the Lord would move this hurricane onto a path of no devastation, and that He would protect the buildings and homes of our 4KIDS Florida families.

There was so much more prayed for this afternoon than we have time to write about, but we wanted to share what was most on our hearts.  We are so happy to be partnering in prayer with Mission Vineyard Church, and we thank them for all the other ways that they have blessed 4KIDS.  We are truly thankful to the Lord for providing us with so many intentional church partners!

We ask, as always, that you as the reader would partner with us in prayer for what we have shared above and we thank you for making time for prayer.  If you feel led to additional prayer, we are constantly in prayer for appeal cases for adoption, rest and guidance for our foster families, and comfort and love for our children in care.