Recommended Resources

We have compiled a short list of helpful and supportive resources that we hope will provide encouragement for your foster care and/or adoption journeys.


Book: Adopted For Life, By Russell Moore

Russell Moore provides a Biblical foundation for understanding our own adoption into the family of God through Jesus Christ and equips us to consider the priority of adoption for families and churches. You will be equipped with gospel compassion in opening your hearts and home to children in need.  In this resource you will also find practical answers to the most common questions most families ask before beginning the foster/adoption process.


Hope For Orphans: ROOTED

Hope for Orphans has a host of media resources, articles and gospel-centered content that help equip adoptive and foster families. We would particularly recommend their ROOTED online course.


BOOK: Parenting, by Paul David Trip

Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family

There is no shortage of books on parenting, but this book by Paul David Trip is excellent and is certainly our favorite. We recommend this wholeheartedly! Parenting will equip you with gospel practices in raising your children

In three minutes, Paul David Tripp helps us to understand identity and belonging through the eyes of children who have come from hard places. Your adopted child is different from your biological child, so the way in which you raise them will need to be different. Identity and belonging are two conversations that parents need to start with their adopted kids.